Bluehost WordPress Hosting Best Review Offer in 2022

You have come to the right platform to know Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review in 2022. It is very difficult to find or choose a good web hosting to build a website on WordPress. Especially when you do not have good knowledge and knowledge of WordPress.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review Offer in 2022

Keeping all these things in mind, we have written this review content to help you learn about a very popular and popular web hosting service, Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review. Due to this all the confusion in your mind will be removed.

With Bluehost WordPress Hosting, you will be able to solve your purpose quickly, this hosting provides you with many services.

Bluehost hosting is used by over 2 million people. Bluehost WordPress Hosting has been providing its services since 2003. It is important to observe the functionality of this web host closely.

In this review post, Bluehost’s offer has been told separately. Considering the features and services of this hosting, before giving you your opinion, what are its plans, and how much does it charge? Let’s discuss about all these.

Feature and Plan Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost hosting is very different from another hosting. Bluehost WordPress is a bit lean in terms of features and features. There are 4 types of plans available on this hosting. Let’s take a look at Bluehost’s plans-

Basic Plan and Features

You can use the Basic Plan of Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review for $2.75 per month. Under this, you will be able to host only one website. Easy storage capacity is in the form of 50GB SSD and one can use custom themes easily.

If you face any kind of problem with Bluehost Hosting, then you can get your issue resolved 24/7 with the support staff. 

Website Builder

In this hosting, you will also get some tools to create a website, WordPress Integration, Drag and Drop Functionality, and AI-Driven Templates, using which you can do beautiful page design on your website. And you can give a good look at your WordPress blog.

While buying Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review, you will get 1 Free Domain for one year as well as a Free CDN and Free SSL Certificate.

Plus Plan Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review for Unlimited Sites

Under this plan, you can run many websites. This plan will be slightly more expensive than the Basic Plan, its monthly price is $5.45 per month.

Storage and Web Builder Features:- There is no limitation of SSD storage in Plus Plan Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review.

You can also use Custom Theme in this plan. And in this also customer support services are available 24/7.

The plan that you will use for the page builder in the Basic plan, you will be able to use the same page builder tool in this as well.

On taking Plus Plan Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review, you will be given a domain for free for one year. In this also you will be able to use Free CDN and Free SSL Certificate. In this plan you will also be able to use Office 365 tools for free.

Choice Plus Plan Bluehost WordPress Hosting

This plan is just like the plus plan and the monthly cost is also $5.45. Two options have been increased in this plan. Free Domain Privacy and Free Automated Backup can be used for free for one year.

Pro Plan Bluehost Hosting

The Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review Pro plan is a bit expensive compared to the previous plan. The cost of this plan is $ 13.95 per month.

Some advanced options have also been added to the Pro plan, such as the Optimized CPU Resources tool, which has been increasing in Feature Tools. And you will also be able to use Free Dedicated IP under this plan.

Compare all plans of Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

Server Specs
BasicPlusChoice PlusPro
CPU PerformanceStandardStandardStandardOptimized
MySQL Databases20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Database Size5GB5GB5GB5GB
Free Domain1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Domain Allowed1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Sub Domain25UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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