Easily Put Disqus Comment Box in The Blogger Blog

If you want to Easily Put Disqus Comment Box in your blog then you can put it very easily. And you can give your blogger blog comment a new design. So let’s know how to put Disqus Comment box in Blogger.

First of all, open the browser on your laptop or mobile. Click the link

When this website opens, then you click on Get Started. Now the screen of Signup will open in front of you. Now see all the steps carefully.

Signup on Disqus for Easily Put Disqus Comment Box

1. Signup: – With this option you can create new disqus accounts.

Signup on disqus

2. Login: –  When your account is created on disqus, you can login to your account by clicking here.

3. Login With Social Account: – With this option, you can login directly from Facebook, Twitter, Google.

4. Name: – If you want to signup with an email account, then type your name in the name box.

5. Email: – In this box you type your email address.

6. Password: – In this box you type your password.

7. I’m Not a Robot: – Now click on this box and confirm that you are not a robot.

8. Signup: – To enter all the details, click on the option of Signup. Now your disqus account will be created.

And a message has come in your email, you should login to your email and confirm the account.

And then you login to the Disqus account. Then follow the next step.

And you click on I want to Comment on site. A screen will appear in front of you. In which you have to enter all the details about your website.

Create a New Site for Easily Put Disqus Comment Box

Create new site

1. Site Owner: –  Your name will appear here, if you want to change the name, you can change it by going to Settings.

2. Organization:- The link you want to put on your website in the “Easily Put Disqus Comment Box will appear here.

3. Website Name: –  Here we will write the name of your website. Be careful not to give a link to the website here.

4. Category: – In which category you have created your website like – Education or Technology etc. Select it from here.

5. Create Site: –  When you have completed all the details, then click on Create Site.

What platform is your blog on for Easily Put Disqus Comment Box


1. Setting: – Now you click on the setting. The installation option will appear in the left side in front of you.

2. Installation: –  Now if you click on the installation, you will see many platforms of the blog.

3. Blogger: – If you have created a blog on Blogger, then click on the blog from here.

4. Add to my Blogger: –  Now you click on this option, a new screen will open in front of you.

Add Page Element for Easily Put Disqus Comment Box

1. Select a Blog: – Select the blog in which you want to put the Easily Put Disqus Comment Box from here.

Page element

2. Title: – You can enter the name of the widget here like you can also insert an Easily Put Disqus Comment Box.  

3. Add Widget: – If you click on this option, the disqus widget will be inserted in your blog.

Now try in the layout of your blogger and put that widget below the post box. And you can see your blog by visiting the Easily Put Disqus Comment Box in your blog.

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