How to Earn Free Bitcoin Instantly

Friends, today I will tell you about some best site to earn free bitcoin payable website through which you people can earn very good. Many people are earning very well from this website.

Friends, do not let the opportunity to earn free bitcoin by joining this site. You will not believe that. I joine 20 days before writing this post and have taken payment 3 times.

In today’s era, the value of Bitcoin is, So high that everyone wishes to earn bitcoin. You can earn free bitcoin btc instantly by working hard not by doing desire.

Bitcoin Price Increasing Quickly

The price of bitcoin is increasing very fast, it’s price was equal to 1 BTC = 1300 Dollar in 2017 and today it has reached 1BTC = 32000 Dollar above in end of 2020. And it’s estimated to go up to $ 100,000 dollars in 2021 end.

Earn Money Online Work From Home

So I will tell you about some such trusted websites. You can Earn free bitcoin very well. When you become 25000 Satoshi on this site, Automatic will pay in your Bitcoin Wallet.

How to create an account Before creating an account on this website, you will need a bitcoin wallet.

If you do not have a bitcoin wallet, then for this I wrote a post about making wallet, you can click here to read it.

When your bitcoin wallet is created, then click on the link and create your account as I have given in the image.

You can go and see step to step and create an account. Earn Free bitcoin Creating an account is very easy as soon as you click on free bitcoin, the window to create an account will open in front of you.

Create An Account 

1. Email: – In this box you type your email.

2. Password: – Now type your password in this box.

free bitcoin

3. Your Referrer: – Here you put the Refer Code 3968500.

4. Enter Captcha Here: – Now in this box you type the captcha code which is seen in the image, it will come in the same way.

If you do not understand then you can get another code by click on the refresh button below.

5. Sign Up: – After filling all the forms, you click on signup. Your account has been created. There is a mail on your email, you can login to your email and verify the account.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are many way you can earn free bitcoin on this website. So let’s know everyone’s details.

1. Free BTC: – With this option you can earn free bitcoin from faucet in every hour.

2. Multiply BTC: – With this option you can increase your earning a lot, but keep in mind that it is very smart to work on it.

3. Betting: – With this option you can earn free bitcoin betting cost, earning through it is quite safe.

4. Golden Ticket: – By purchasing Golden tickets from this option, you can earn free bitcoin millions in it.

free bitcoin

5. Earn BTC: – With this option you can earn free bitcoin from a faucet in every hour.

6. Lottery: – With this option you can earn free bitcoin and participate in the lottery every week.

This lottery is declare on every Sunday, you can participate in this by purchase tickets.

And you get 2 tickets on every roll from every hour you roll, But definitely buy at least 100 tickets every week. There is more chance of becoming.

7. Rewards: – With this option you can earn rewards, it becomes automatic.

8. Refer: – You can increase your referral by forwarding your referral link on social media, from which you can earn free bitcoin 50% commission.

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