How to Increase Traffic to Your Website and Blog

Friends, in today’s era, everyone wants to bring traffic to their website or blog. But how did they increase traffic blog website and from where.

If you want to increase traffic your blog and website from Google or Bing, then for this you will have to do SEO settings in your website.

And at the same time you have to put SEO Keyword in each of your posts, due to which your post will come in Google search engine.

Apart from this, you can also increase traffic to the blog in many other ways. Of which, this is one way I’m going to tell you about.

On which you can Increase Traffic by creating your account and putting your website link in it.

Increase Traffic by

This is a website in which a lot of visitors come to this website and every visitor has added a link to their website on it. All the visitors click on the other’s website which get increase traffic to their website.

If you also want that Increase Traffic comes to your website, then you can also earn points or buy in it by create an account in it.

If you want that you do not have to click on the website of others, then you can buy points in it, which will continue to Increase Traffic to your website.

How to Create an Account on

Click on this link to create an account on it. Which will open this website completely in front of you.

Now you are seeing the Signup option in the top right side, click on it, which will open a window with the form in front of you.

Increase Traffic.

1. Your Name: – In this box, you give your name pulses.

2. Email Address: – In this, you enter your email address.

3. Create a Password: – In this box you enter your password so that you can login after creating an account.

4. Confirm Your Password: –  Now you enter the same password in this box which is entered in the first box.

5. Please Enter The Word Shown Below: – In this box you type the captcha code. And tick the box of T&C.

6. Create Account: – All your form has been filled, now click on Create Account.

Your account has been created, now the message has come on your email. Login your email, go to that message and verify your account. Once your account is verified, you login to traffup.

How to Add a Link in Traffup for Increase Traffic

We are further informing you of all the information on how to add a link in Traffup and how to verify your website.

Step 1: Enter Website URL

See all the information on how to add a link to Traffup here.

Enter website url

1. My Website:- When you add a link to your website, you can see those links from here. And if you want to do some kind of change in it, then you can make changes.

2. Add Website: – With this option you can add a link to your website. As soon as you click on it. The option to add a website link will come in front of you.

3. Enter URL: – In this box, you put a link to your website, if you want, you can also add a link to your website’s post in it and if you want, you can also add a home page link.

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4. Continue: – After adding the link click on continue. Now Traffup will verify your website on its server, in which it will view your website for 20 seconds.


As you are seeing in this image, when this is completed, then another step will open in front of you. In which you will be given a form in which you will have to give the information of your website.

Step 2: Add Details About Your Website

Now fill all the details in this form.

1. Site URL: – Whatever website link you added, that link will appear here.

Detail website

2. Website Title: – In this box you have to write the title of your website. Which you gave while creating the website.

3. Point Per Visit: –  In this, you can set how many points you want your visitor to get by visiting the website and set it from here.

4. Select Category: – In which category you have created your website, select it from here.

5. Brief Description: – In this box you can write some words about your website.

6. Add Website: – After filling in all the details, you click on Add Website,” and your website has been completely added.

Now make a point by going to the menu of Traffup and clicking on the website and increase traffic to your website.

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