Hello, Today we will discuss about guest post, all the visitors who come to XIONTECHINFO will know what it is about. If you are also inspire by XIONTECHINFO. And if you also have knowledge in this kind of field, then you can share them on our blog without keeping them in your mind.

Due to which your knowledge will also increase and people will also benefit from your knowledge.

If you want to help people, then you can share your post by visiting the guest post page on XIONTECHINFO blog.

Keep some points in mind while writing the post

  • Whatever post you have written has not been copied from any post on the internet, your post should be absolutely fresh.
  • Keep 2 to 3 images related to the topic on which the post is written. Image must be in PNG or JPG.
  • The length of the post should be of minimum 800 words. And if it becomes 2000 words or more then it will be better.
  • Whatever post you have written should be reality. That is, the topic on which your post is being use is currently being use.
  • You should have complete knowledge about the post you have written so that the user who comment on the post can help. And keep the interest of the user with the post. You write the post only in English.

What type of post should be

  • The post must contain 800 words or more otherwise the post will not be approved.
  • There should be at least 3 images related to the post, the quality of the image should not be too high. The issue of copyright does not come on Imagai. For this you use free copyrighted images only.
  • The length of a paragraph should be at least 30 words as only posts with short paragraphs in English will be accept.
  • If any links are given in the post, then add the correct link, do not put useless or useless links at all.

Benefits of Guest Post

If you post on xiontechinfo.com Blog then you will also get some benefit which is given below.

  • Any post you send will be posted on xiontechinfo.com. And at the same time your name will also be given and the link of your website or blog will be rang. By which your blog will get backlink.
  • It is not necessary that you make your own website, only then you will get recognition among the people. Rather, you can also share your knowledge on other’s website.

Note:  If a visitor wants to promote a product or other service. You can contact us and get all the details.

An important topic of Writing a Post

Social Media Platforms  – You can write about all social media platforms. How to create an account on them and how to make them a source of earning.

Blogging  – Can provide information related to WordPress and Blogger and any other platform on which blogging is done.

Technical Course – You can share information about any technical course on the blog. Make sure that the information is good and free.

How to earn money  – In today’s era, everyone wants to earn money, so a lot of value is given to the post related to it. Provided it is not a fraud method. And especially you can post about affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

Mobile and Laptop – By writing posts related to mobile and laptop like if you face any problem in them then how to remove it etc.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Post

  • Whatever post will be published on xiontechinfo.com and should not be on any other website. Before publishing the post, its Plagiarism will be checked only after that it will be published.
  • Such or fake links will not be published in the post.
  • If the post has any affiliate-related link then it will be removed. And if there is any deficiency or excess in the content, then I have every right to re-edit it.

How to Send Guest Post on XIONTECHINFO

Any user who wants to do a guest post on xiontechinfo.com can send his post by click on the Guest Post option given in the menu above.