How to Upgrade to the Microsoft Windows 11 Update

In this post, I’ll discuss the steps to download Microsoft Windows 11 Update the new update and its new features. This post is to discuss the steps you should take to the Microsoft Windows 11 Update.

Microsoft Windows 11 Update

Hopefully, this post will help you in upgrading to Microsoft Windows 11 Update. Some users know how and what to do, but others don’t.

That’s why Microsoft made an app to help you understand whether your device supports the new OS or not.

The latest devices that run Windows 10 supports upgrading to the Microsoft Windows 11 Update. Most of the devices available in the market are eligible for the free upgrade.

Let’s start with the steps. You’ll need to ensure of few things on your device. First of all, you’ll have to download the PC Health Check app from Microsoft.

Download the app to check status of your device. The app will let you weather it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 Update or not.

This is how to know whether either your PC or laptop are eligible for Microsoft Windows 11 Update. Make sure you’re sign to your Microsoft account and that your device’s parts are eligible.

Then press on the Check button to know whether the device is eligible or not. Then visit the official website to download the OS. The link is here. You’ll then have a number of options to upgrade to Windows 11. The easiest way is by using the first option, which is call Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Latest Windows 11 Update Download

Install the app and agree to the terms and conditions. A new window with 3 steps will appear. The first one is to download Microsoft Windows 11 Update.

It’ll take sometime to download, but it depends on your internet speed. The second step is to authenticate the download.

It takes a few seconds to authenticate it. This step will help whether the download is complete right or not.

Installation and Finishing

The third step, which is the most important one, is to install the Windows, The third step will also take sometime before the Windows is install.

When the installation process reaches 83%, the device will restart. The device will then restart and open the startup screen.

Then the Windows logo will appear. There will be “Working on Updates” wording on the screen. There will be also a percentage to show the process. Wait until it has finished. The Windows will then finish download and the lock menu will appear.

Sign in and wait for a few minutes so that that windows finish preparing the installation. This is complete one time only.

Windows 11 menu will then appear. Since the OS is install now, let discuss the most important Windows 11 features.

The UI has improved with new and better tools and a new Start menu. The Start menu is now located in the middle. Start button is bigger and better with easier access to apps, files and settings. The UI is now better and easier to use. Microsft also announced new themes that you can choose from.

Split Screen Microsoft Windows 11 Update

When the mouse is point at the top bar, a new menu will pop to help you split the screen. You can open 2, 3 or even 4 apps at the same time. This helps a lot in multitasking. Especially if you have multiple screens connected to the device.

The Microsoft Windows 11 Update comes with the OneTouch app. This app will help you use Microsoft’s Teams app.

The Teams app will help you make chats and online meetings easily. The start menu has a section that shows you whether, stock, football results and so on.

You can also customize the section to your preference. Now that the Windows is install, feel free to navigate what’s new in it.

Hopefully, this post makes it easier for you to download the update. Make sure to save this post for later to benefit from it when you need it.

Microsoft Windows 11 Update will continue with us for a long time. It is important to keep your device updated.

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