How to Use IFTTT Auto Post to Facebook and blogger

Do you know IFTTT Auto Post What about section out of the email to send a few bits to do. We still have to you know put their user name in and probably expand a bit on some of the things.

IFTTT Auto Post

They lay around when I get the shuttle for a startup. I’ll have to connect my Shopify store to this so many products can show up on my Facebook page.

I’ll get asked a lot is what social media do. I’m focus on the most still for me my preference is Facebook on the Instagram because whatever.

Put on Instagram you can automatically just click a button and it shares automatically on Facebook.

You know I put a lot of content on Facebook. That might necessarily be good for Instagram but they are the two that. I they focus on both and I also do a little bit on Pinterest and Tumblr and Twitter.

You know I think Pinterest for example is really good for getting an organic traffic to your Shopify store you can do really good.

Pinterest graphics that you know really expand on what your product is about really good images.

You can put text any images put a link to your product. People click on the image click on the link and it brings them directly to your product so that’s great.

As well so you know you can spend an awful lot of time on social media. And this is why you know? why can’t I use this?You know IFTTT Auto Post and you know they have a free version and a paid version.

The free version you know kind of lets you do an awful lot. Basically what it does is to stuff. You can set up you know they’re called applets and I’m gonna show you these is that.

How to setup IFTTT Auto Post and Applet 

If you can set this connect your social media accounts together and you can say that every time. I post a picture on Instagram.

That I would automatically show up on my Pinterest and my Twitter on then you have to do separate ones that any.

I know Instagram videos will also show up on the different bones. or you caset it from Facebook what I’d like to do it with this sort of software is that.  

I use Instagram as my main sort of focal point on this and anything. That goes on my Instagram page is automatically shared on Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr.

You don’t kind of connect my Facebook page to this because. kind of keep that separate not you know everything.

Bought Facebook page will necessarily look good on the other social media. auto tweet blog posts. I’ll decide that you know so.

I kind of just have the preference for this to share from my Twitter and my Instagram.

But so I’m gonna sign up with this using my email and password. You can also sign up with your Apple account or Google account or Facebook.

I want to live a lot of different accounts. So when I want to wear you know kind of keep them separate a bit.

So I’m going to sign up in my email. Just gonna sign up my email address which is info after winery toast calm and I’ll be back now in a second.

So that’s me and now just the email address password straight in right. It’s really easy to sign up. I said before my need now to connect my social accounts to this software.

You know if i go in here now and type in Instagram. So these are the different sort of you know connections and you know teens.

I they’re called applets and stuff like that. If you order a Flickr account decomposer Instagram pictures photos directly to Flickr.

So every time you put a an Instagram picture up it all the money goes to Flickr. Now Flickr is something that. I’ve not really looked into just yet.

Probably will you know so that’s some time. Look at a different time so posts or Instagram photos to Tumblr right that’s something that yeah.

I would be interested in doing. So I’ll click on that so applets connect two or more services together and help you do something that.

You couldn’t do which was one service alone. That’s what the an applet is so this applet will let me post my Instagram pictures to Tumblr. My seduce my Tumblr account there.

You know again this is fairly handy to sign up. As my winner eat us and there’s my Instagram page. U know him there’s my Twitter no done again there’s other social media platforms out there.

I’m sure those people shouting at me now snap chat. take talk that’s something that. You know I haven’t really looked into at the moment and what it is something that.

I probably will and what I suggest is you don’t try and do all these things.

I won’t you will be you will become consumed with all of this you know. You try and focus on one or two and then expand.

I’ve become an expert at something and then move on to something else. Don’t try and be an expert at everything.

All right artists especially at the same time and so connect right so going to Instagram see. I’m logged into my Instagram account.

Authorize my Tumblr I’m already logged in to Tumblr so disorder and that’s. I recommend you do you where. You already be logged into your accounts before.  

You launch this it makes it so much easier. When this connection is active. I know connection successfully updated.

Oh she was have to publish add to queue savers trust probably err might so just publish now.

Yep save settings so connected. Wrong yet and I’m going to you know eventually. I love IFTTT Auto Post to wordpress blog something and see it as a walk and so yeah. I think at the moment that seems to be okay everything seems to be connected.

All right and so. I’ll go back here family better. Pressing the home button that type okay now so Instagram pictures to Tumblr.

Okay so that’s so there we go now Instagram again. I’m gonna put in now again. You don’t have to use Instagram as your main.

You could say right I’m on my Twitter. Are you know tweets to go out to different social media. I’m just using this as an example.

Just what I do okay. yeah I like you know a lot of people IFTTT Auto Post blog to social network.

I would say their Instagram pictures to come up on Twitter as the pictures not as a link. If they think that’s something that happens an awful lot so there’s a an applet here.

That dose and I just want to see does that come up now. You can poster Instagram folks to a Facebook page and not everything Your post an Instagram. I want on my winery Tufts page.

Why I don’t do that now IFTTT Auto Post?

It gives you the option to just. You know click this little option there and it goes on to your Facebook page. You prefer to have that but again this is up to you.  

What else can we do here Instagram – Twitter now there is something though a little bit more advanced.

The Instagram photo to Twitter Instagram to Pinterest. Instagram video to Pinterest right so the images on the video have different applets tweets my Instagram video.

Right say follows the Instagram to camera roll savories go focus a day one sizes.    

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After Instagram thought was the Pinterest save is but as it. Were when you already include the Pacific hashtag in the caption right that’s for somebody that.

Doesn’t want everything from Instagram to go onto their Twitter account and post Instagram photos.

IFTTT Auto Post blog software The blogger is going to Twitter Facebook fan page now. I’m nearly sure this water hold on another try this and that it gives a bit more specific.    

You know that it’s the pictures goanna show up not as a link. I’m barely sure this one okay Instagram to Twitter tweet.

Your Instagram as native photos on Twitter. right that seems to be the one that. I think I am looking for let’s click in here if there’s six hundred and forty six thousand people have used it.

So must be gold Instagram photos to show up in your Twitter feed. a full image rather than a link no it only works for single photo IFTTT Auto Post right so.

That is very important you want your picture to show up on Twitter as a pitcher not as a link.

But it only works with one picture IFTTT Auto Post yep that’s something that. I am very interested in right so. I haven’t connected my Twitter account yet.

I’m already logged into Twitter so I’m hoping that this works. okay so see a were connected brilliant.

I am just go into settings and make sure everything looks. Okay and I’m getting a notification here as well. Oh yeah that’s okay just making sure.  

I’do not have to verify yet and it doesn’t look like it. I think we’re okay there. I move this over here now.

Why is a scat notification?

When the connection is active hasn’t been wrong yet is connected. The connections usually runs within a few seconds. why is well check everything seems to be.

Okay if there was any you know problems there an error would have shown up there so. I think we’re okay. So that’s Twitter and Instagram connected.

That’s Instagram and Tumblr now these are just for the images okay. She went home again probably am avoiding again.

I can only go back there. Sorry about the messing around it. As you can see guys. I do this very live that area alright so. What my Instagram page was also to show up on Pinterest sync your new Instagram to a Pinterest board.

Yes exactly okay now. I think this one is a little bit more complicated because you have to choose a certain board. My board shows up enter the board name right. What is my board called and winner eat us.

Here is my own account. I’m already in this where do. You my boys and I’m notice some people of Shelton here now.

I’m just pretend let me see. I’m creating a pin motivational images there. We go now that everything IFTTT Auto Post on Instagram would be a motivation of image.

So I might have to change that. May give it if the wrong pin goes in. I’ll can take that out with that board and put it into another board myself hope. okay changes so here’s check the sentence there.

Get a notification when it’s active and check the connection, yeah save. think we’re okay now on that so a Pinterest Twitter Tumblr right. I am as I said earlier.  

You don’t need this. How to Use IFTTT Auto Post Content for Facebook Twitter and Instagram and Other Social Platforms.

I need for me to connect my Instagram and Facebook on this again. If you decide to change that. I can come back in here at any point again. I’m gonna cease to anything. I’m missing here because I’m might want to put my videos on Twitter as well.

My Instagram videos so let me see save your Instagram so Google Drive yeah. That’s something. I could do test insert video to Twitter video every time. You IFTTT Auto Post news from for sure and tell you go now.

Where can say anyone see my Instagram video that’s probably well. Update your Twitter profile pic with your latest selfie.

Alright that seems to be a new one right on hey to secretly search your Instagram video. Now they up Latoya oh you have my dealer but just wanna make sure now let me see. What this says doesn’t really give it an explanation so okay so maybe that’s already dawn ham.

What about Instagram video to Pinterest IFTTT Auto Post

I don’t even know if that’s possible. YouTube video to Twitter no that’s a good one. I haven’t set up the YouTube account yet IFTTT Auto Post on your YouTube video. uploads to Tumblr these like so you know.  

When I get my YouTube channel up and running here and gonna be doing this and add Spotify song from link to YouTube video there’s some really good stuff here.

You know this could be something Sharon videos as a native Twitter video. okay right so. I think like.

I’ve done everything but I kind of needed to show at the moment and unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload a picture on the on the desktop.

We’re just gonna pause it for a second gonna upload something on my phone and then I’m going to show you.what that is that picture looks like on the different and social media accounts. Okay so I’m this is the image that I IFTTT Auto Post on Instagram as I said earlier.

About Instagram and How to Grow

Instagram accounts are something that. we’ve done in the past. I’m starting from absolute scratch with this is the first IFTTT Auto Post on this Instagram account.

You have no followers I won’t be buying fake followers. every follower that I guess will be legit will be a real person.

We won’t be using you know. I won’t be buying a but there is a couple of apps. That I will be showing you on how to help you build your account.

I always just you know do a short. When I do an Instagram IFTTT Auto Post a short little lamb bit of text and I’m one I always just use one and tag off the page of my patois. who winery tossed in there and then in the comment section.

I throw in some relative niche related hashtags a mixture of you know really big bones. What I always try and do is mix it up a little bit and this is about testing. this is about saying.

You know what one’s working? What doesn’t work and there is free suffer. That you can use that kind of you know. When you do a few IFTTT Auto Post and mix up your hashtags it tells you.

What didn’t it tells you?

What time a day suits you get you the most likes and followers and stuff. so I it like this is a you know an ongoing video sequence that.

I’m gonna keep going with and showing you. how we could grow this into. What I believe would be a very successful business that in a year maybe two years?  

I would be able to make a substantial amount of income from or I’d be able to sell the entire business. You know the Shopify store they’re all the social media accounts associated with fur.  

You know for a substantial amount of money and then also need to probably take about a year to. you know I’m in this for the long haul.

I know a lot of gurus tell you that. you know stick with me for one month and I make a fortune.

I’ve never seen anybody do that and to me building a brand is a long-term project. I’m not gonna waffle here and tell you that. if you do what.

I’do you’re gonna make an awful lot of money in a few weeks and a month or two that’s not the case. I hate to break anybody IFTTT Auto Post anybody’s bagel here. gonna be no less than being legitimate.

Which in telling you that yester there is a small percent of people that are able to flip stores.

And you know getting a one product store or a faunal open yeah it is possible for me building a brand building a company it takes time.

I always believe building your social media presence networking with other similar people, similar businesses, making relationships, and engaging with the people.

Who will start following or liking your content that then. I’m building your list and they better email list or Facebook Messenger list.

That is something that is worth its weight in gold right, so enough of me often here, and so there’s my first Instagram IFTTT Auto Post, and as you can see here.

I’ven’t even you know. I won’t IFTTT Auto Post no followers and nobody I’m following, nobody I’ve literally. you know just started this okay over times.

We hoped to build this up to an awful lot of followers and it’s going to take an awful lot of work an awful lot of testing to see.

what works and what doesn’t work?

I’m hoping that’s you know the really popular. You know images like this or you can then make into maybe watches or wall art or whatever.

Read this post how to add discussion comment box

you know so the both the focus of this post and I’ve gone off the track. little bit is to show this software and a lot of time people come back to me and say.

Oh user posted on my Instagram page and I didn’t work. You know the bad so I wasn’t really a bad side is that it does take a few minutes for this to come into effect from.

You know it took fifteen minutes for this to show up on my other social media. Just give a little bit of time for to show up and you know for go onto my Twitter page forensic and maybe refresh here.

IFTTT Auto Post Trigger Server 100% workng to Facebook and Twitter

You can see that it showed up as a natural image on my Twitter page. and now I might go in and edit this and I might add a few stir me and hashtags or might just do like.

I did an Instagram comment underneath with the hashtags but sometimes when you post from your Instagram to Twitter to shells up as a link.

He wanted the picture to come up where. I’m so that worked as far as. I’m concerned Tumblr and go into Tumblr here and I’m gonna have to fix the cover picture here.

There it is a my Tumblr account didn’t go into the right board on Pinterest let’s have a look and go into my boards in motivational images there we go it’s the first pin.

I’ve created and it came from Instagram directly into the board that.  

You wanted it to and no so you know the when you post into your Pinterest you might have to you know take the pin out and put it into a proper because. what are you envisage here is that.  

I will have multiple boards and want to be motivating motivation and images, want to be actually the products that.

You sell and it be different sections within that for did the difference so might be one for watches one for jewelry one for wall art, so it also be maybe motivational and eBooks maybe it might be another one.

You know so there’s loads of boards are gonna visits having at least five maybe ten different boards so.

If you know, I might go back in at some stage. Create it sort of a more random board that all the images from Instagram will go in and then.

I can then take a note of them put into the right board so don’t look that’s something, that you know.

I can look at a later stage obviously I don’t have my Facebook page connected to IFTTT Auto Post but when I was posting on Instagram. Chose to put it onto my Facebook page before.

I posted the image and there it is on my Facebook page and you know at the moment this one at a time.  

I’ve 190 people who like the page and that’s from just inviting friends to like the page. I’ve don’t know advertising and we’ve done.

I’ven’t bought any fake lights, and which some people do but this page would grown completely organically so along my social media accounts.

And I’d be focusing mostly on Facebook and Instagram and so it is working if it’s not working.

Okay because sometimes look stuff stop working for whatever reason and you know as you can see here if.

Just you know press home and it’s showing the empty air you know the social media accounts that.

I have connected to this software Instagram Pinterest Tumblr and Twitter. it can also tell you which ones are connected to each other.

And show you that Instagram, is the one it’s sort of my main one here and that it’s connected to Twitter and sorry Tumblr Twitter and Pinterest know.  

If I click into that it will give me sort of you know connected so these are the applets right. So I have five applets all from Instagram going to different social media platforms.

But also is images and it’s post so I have yet to test whether. The post one works okay and I’m not sure whether it’s all Instagram video.

Because what I mean by that is Instagram have two separate video, you’re sorry it’s two separate ways to upload video.

One it’s just upload a video normally as you would if you were running a picture, but then also has Instagram TV.

Which is for videos that are a minute long over, a minute long going to Instagram TV, so I need to check it does a walk or do.

I’v need to add an extra applet in here for Instagram TV. Also go out to my other social media platforms Telegram are really good platform to use.

And I highly recommend it and it saves you an awful lot of time and you know. If you know consistency or is a really important especially with.

you know trying to grow your social media is to do this you know at least once a day now.

We would recommend that you do that three or four times a day. But that can be very hard to do is find the content to do it because I’ve to get.

You know I have to hustle him to make me more images and what not fairly good at graphics.

He makes the images he’s going to help me with the design of the store as well. You know this is going to be our partnership would be a winner eat us Shopify store.

But you know all the social media stuff is a very much important part of this. The first post on my social media and I now have to go into Instagram create my bio IFTTT Auto Post.

Same with Twitter make sure everything is correct and made a few mistakes along the way so far but if I’ve got over it. So thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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