Insert Menu MS Word 2003 Full Information

All the options are there under Insert Menu MS Word 2003. They are all related to fetching more than one-page number, field, comment, footnote, object, etc. in the file.

Break – Insert Menu MS Word

On click this, a dialog box will open, which has the following options.

1- Page break :- Where the cursor is in the page. From there use this option to move the article to the next new page.But when you delete the article of the new page, then the new page will also end.

2- Column break:- This option is used to move the cursor from one column to another.

Insert Menu MS Word

3- Text wrapping break:- By this option where the cursor will be in the text present around the object. From there the text will move to the bottom of the object.

4- Next Page:- This is also like a page break. But when the articles of the new page will be deleted. So the new page will not finish.

5- Continuous:- After writing a column in the page, to divide the written article equally in the column.

6- Even page:- This is also to bring a new page. But when we enter page number then even number will show in series.

Like- 3, 5, 7, 9 etc.

7- Odd number:- This is also to fetch a new page. But when we enter the page number the number will show in odd series.

Eg- 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.

Page Number – Insert Menu MS Word

Through this option the page number is entered. On clicking this option, the following dialog box will open. 

Position: – Fix it from its drop down list. Whether the number comes at the bottom of the page or at the top.

Alignment:- Fix it from its drop down list. whether the number is on the right, left, or middle side of the page.

Show number on first age :- Before turning on its check box, the number will be shown in the page or else it will not.

Format: – On click this option button, the following dialog box will open. By which page numbers can be brought in different ways.

Number format:- Select any one from its drop down list. which has been selected. The page number will appear in the same way.

Include chapter number: –  After turning on its check box, select it from the following list. With which style number should the chapter begin? Eg- 1-1, 1.1, 1-a etc.

Continue from previous section:- By click on its Radio button, the section number will keep coming from the sequence of the previous section.

Start at: – Select the number from which the number starts from its spin box.

Date and Time

Insert Menu In MS Word 2003, after clicking on this option button, the following dialog box will open. From where you can bring the date and time in whatever design you want.

Auto Text – Insert Menu MS Word

A bar will open as soon as you click on Auto Text in Insert Menu MS Word 2003. Which has the following options. You can copy the thing present in them and bring it to the page.

1- Auto text: – By this you can set by writing name etc. as per your wish. On click on it the following dialog box will open.

Enter the word you want to set in the box for enter auto text entries here. After that click OK by click on the add button. This word will reach the Normal option present under auto text. You can click it whenever you want to bring it to the page.

2- New: – The text selected by this option can be set with any name.

Method- To run this, first of all select the part of your article that you want to set. Then click on this option and type the name in the dialog box and click OK.

Now this name will appear in the Normal option in this bar. By click on which you can bring the set text to where the cursor is.

Note- All the options below new. Whichever of them you click on, the text set in it will come to the page where the cursor is.

Field – Insert Menu MS Word

The dialog box that will open as soon as you click on the Field option in Insert Menu MS Word 2003. In it, options are present for all types of information related to the document. Whichever of these you click on, the information related to it will come in the page.

Insert Menu in MS Word

After selecting All from the Categories list box in this dialog box, click on =Formula in the field name box will bring up this symbol (=). In this the following formula can be used. for example.

To add + like 10+10 = write ok the result will show 20. – To subtract like 10-5 = write ok the result will show 5. For / division eg 10/5 = do ok the result will show 2. * For multiplication like 10*5 = write ok the result will show 50.

Symbol – Insert Menu MS Word

Through this option, any symbol can be brought in the page. Bout type symbols are present under Office which can be inserted in the page if needed.

Comment – Insert Menu MS Word

You can write a comment through this option. It has been told about it under the view menu .

Reference – Insert Menu MS Word

It has the following four options. The details of which you can read below.

1- Footnote:- By this option you can write footnote about any word. It has been told about it under the view menu.

2- Caption: – Through this option, you can bring his name with number above or below the table, figure, chart, clip art etc. Click on it will open the following dialog box.

Select one of the labels made from the drop down list of the label. And if you want to give new label as per your wish. Then you can give by following button. Click on the New Label button will bring up another dialog box of the same name.

In which ok by writing a new label. Now this label will come in the Label drop down list. Which can be selected and brought to your page in sequence.

Select the place for the label from the drop down list of Position. whether the label should come up or down.

You can delete the selected label through the Delete Label button. You can change the number style by click on the button of Numbering. Click on the button of Auto Caption will bring up the following dialog box.

A list of all those programs will be present in the list box of Add caption when inserting. which is loaded into your computer. Now out of these whose check box will be selected.

Whenever those things are brought in the page by them, the given label will keep coming with numbers in sequence.

Cross Reference

3- Cross-Reference:- Through this option, the heading, footnote, comment etc. given in the page can be brought in sequence.

So that whenever you click on the brought Heading, footnote, comment etc. the cursor reaches that place.

Method- First of all, write an article on two or three pages and give Heading, footnote, bookmark etc. related to different paragraphs and keep the cursor at the bottom. After this click on this option the following dialog box will open.

From the Heading, footnote, bookmark, comment, table etc. present in this drop down list, select the one which is present in the page.

It will appear in the for which box. Select each one of them and click on the insert button. It will come where the cursor is.

Insert as hyperlink By turning on this check box, ctrl+click on the object brought will move the cursor to that place. the place where it is. Select the style in which you want the reference from the drop down list of insert reference to.

indexes and tables

4- Index and Table: – Through this option, you can prepare a list of all headings and tables of your file with page number.

Method- On click this option, the dialog box present in the next page will open, in which click on the Tab button of Table of contents. And by selecting the style and page number of the list by the option present in it, do OK.

Insert Menu in MS Word

Show Page Number

By turning on its check box, the page number will also come along with the list. After turning on the check box of Right align page number.

You can select one of the different types of lines between the heading and page number from the drop-down list of tab leaders below. Select the style in which the list comes from the drop-down list of the format.

As many numbers as you give in the spin box of the show level, the same heading will appear in the web preview box above. It’s just for looks. 

Option By click on this button, the dialog box that will open. The number on which heading will be given out of the heading present in it.

That heading will appear on the same number in the web preview box. It is only about seeing.

Note: You can not give more than 9 numbers. Modify The dialog box that will open after clicking on this button. You can change the heading selected by the option present in it. 

Note: To run the Index and Table option, it is necessary that whatever heading is there while writing the article.

All of them are given under the heading created by the Style option in the Format menu. Then this option will automatically create linked list otherwise not. 

Picture – Insert Menu MS Word

Can bring clip art, picture etc. made by it. Under it are the following options. 

  1. Clip art: – You can bring clip art made by it. 
  2. From File: – Through this you can bring pictures etc. present in the computer. 
  3. Auto shape: – By this you can bring objects made in different designs. 
  4. Word Art: – By this you can write in different designs. 
  5. From Scanner or camera: – Through this you can bring pictures etc. from scanner and camera. 
  6. Chart: – Through this, charts can be prepared in any form. 

Diagram – Insert Menu MS Word

You can bring the drawn diagrams made by this option. There are 6 types of diagrams in Diagram Gallery. Organization Chart Organization Chart, Cycle Diagram Cycle Diagram, Radial Diagram Radial Diagram, Pyramid Diagram Pyramid Diagram,

Venn Diagram Venn Diagram, and Target Diagram Whichever of the target diagram to be inserted. You click on that diagram and click on ok The diagram will be inserted in your page.

Text box – Insert Menu MS Word

After click on it, you want to make the text box as big as you want. You can write in it. And with the mouse you can pick it up and place it anywhere. This is the advantage of making it.

Due to having an important part of your file box, the eyes of the people will be on the box first and they will focus on it.

File – Insert Menu MS Word

Insert Menu MS Word, through this, you can bring the text of another file to your file. If you already have a powerpoint file, then you can insert it in it, the way is described below.

Method – On click this, the dialog box will open. From where select the name of the file from which the text is to be fetched. After click on insert, the article will come to the page. 


You can make anything from any program. Its detail has been explained under the Edit Menu.

Bookmark – Insert Menu MS Word

Its advantage is when we are writing a book. And there are many such pages in it. Which requires frequent visits. So let’s create a bookmark to go to those pages. On click this, the following dialog box will open. 

In the box of Bookmark name, write some signs related to this page on the page where the cursor is. So that it is known that it is a bookmark of that page. After that click on add button.

A bookmark will be created with this name. In this way, you can create a bookmark by placing the cursor in the page or paragraph of which you want to bookmark.

All these bookmarks will appear in this dialog box. Now the page or paragraph you want to go to.

After selecting that bookmark and click on the go to button, the cursor will reach the same page or paragraph that will have this bookmark. 

Hyperlink – Insert Menu MS Word

Through this, the heading file bookmarks etc. link to the current file. On click this, the following dialog box will open. 

Insert Menu in MS Word

Browse for File By this link another file to the current file. By click on this button, select any file name of your choice and click OK in both the places.

Doing so where the cursor is. There the name of the file will come along with its address. Now whenever you move the mouse on this name, the mouse will change as a hand. Which is a sign of the link. On which ctrl+click can open the linked file.

Note: The file you are linking to. That file should be from MS Office only.

Web page: – Through this button, you can link the web page when there is an Internet connection.

Bookmark:- By this button you can link the given bookmark and heading etc. On click this, the following dialog box will open. Out of the heading and bookmark visible in it, which is to be linked. Select it and do OK in both the places. 

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