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Did you know that many of last year’s web page builders cannot fully take advantage of cache because their pages are generated on the fly. The Funnily changes all that by generating pages in a way that they can be cached entirely.

This change decreases the loading speed tremendously. And it happens on top of ultra-optimized mobile pages with the smaller size of images.

Funnelify cutting-edge proprietary MPO technology not only automatically clones, optimizes. And serves the special mobile-only page builder.

But on top of all that it automatically reduces. The size of all images which can make mobile page size even 9 times smaller.

This year the speed of loading mobiles Web Page Builder is the major factor for google ranking. Which results in slow mobile pages being purge from top results entirely.

If your web page builder just makes a responsive version of your desktop pages for phones. You are in trouble because what you get are just mobile-looking desktop pages.

If you have ever experienced a page which seemed to load forever on the phone. You may have looked at a desktop page just presented in mobile size. Do not let your old web page builder work against you!

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The Easiest Best Web Page Builder

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Vendors Funnels proprietary MPO technology generates your ultra optimized mobile pages from desktop pages in a click.

It includes both automatically reducing the size of images and generating pages. Which can be entirely cache close to the viewer’s location.

Because of the way Funnelify pages are build. It is possible to take full advantage of the world’s number one content deliver and protection network, CloudFlare.

CloudFlare caches entire pages generated by Funnelify to enable the next level of page loading speed.

Funnelify combine with CloudFlare makes your Web Page Builder faster and more reliable than ever. It allows you to respond with confidence to traffic spikes and makes your customers thanking you with their wallets.

With Funnelify you can say goodbye to unnecessary latency by leveraging massively distributed global network.

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