Sellers JSON File How to Submit to Blog and Youtube

Sellers JSON file is a mechanism by which direct and indirect buyers are found in selling digital advertising. And collects them in separate tables. Fix Google Sellers JSON File. Currently, it is easy to identify the seller through and Publisher.domain.


Sellers json file

At this time, new bloggers and new YouTubers who have recently received the approval of Adsense for their channels and blogs with great hard work and enthusiasm.

They have received a notification in the address of the file sellers.json. People seem quite upset about it. They fear that their AdSense account may not become desable.

Today all their troubles will be far away. You must be wondering why this message has come. So let’s know about Sellers json file.

Google wants transparency between the advertiser and publisher to be maintained through its ecosystem. So that fraud clicks on ads can be stopped and fraud can be avoided.

If you have not shared your information with the advertiser, then they will not know about you. Due to which you may face further pressure.

People here put ADS on their website or blog or YouTube channel. They are call publishers. And the ADS that appears on our blog. They are ADS given by advertisers. That is why they are call advertisers.

When you update the sellers json file, Advertiser will protect you from fraudulent clicks on ADS on your website or YouTube channel.

How to Manage Blogger Blog

If you have a blog or WordPress or youtube channel. And it has Google Adsense ads on it. So you must have received an email from Adsense.

If you do not know, then you will login to your AdSense, then a notification will be visible in your AdSense account.

If we ignore this notification, then our revenue will be particularly affected. So in today’s post, we will know how to fix Sellers json file. If you have a Google Adsense account and have many websites. Approve is done. So in such a situation how will you fix Sellers json file.

How to fix Sellers json file in Blogger or WordPress

To fix the Sellers json file in Blogger or WordPress, first login to your AdSense account. Now click on the vine which you see in the right side.

The second way is to go to the left side menu and click on Account. Then you can go to this option by clicking on Account Information under it.

Now click on the action that appears above it. A new page will be open in front of you. On that page, you click on the Transparent button in the Seller Information Visibility option.

Then in the business domain given below, write the domain of your blog to which you have installed ADS. Keep in mind not to write HTTPS and www and / etc. characters. Just write your domain.

Like- after writing this, you can click anywhere on the empty space, it will be automatically saved.

How to fix Sellers JSON file in YouTube

As you have seen above, how to fix Sellers JSON file in blogger. You will also fix the Sellers JSON file YouTube in the same manner, just you have to put the address of your YouTube channel in the box of Business Domain.

If your channel has some type of link then you will just type in hindtekzone box. Otherwise, your AdSense will not be fixed.

Hopefully, you did not have any problem fixing the Sellers JSON file. If you still do not understand anything, then you can ask by comment.

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