SEO Friendly Blogger Theme Full Information

Friends, let us know how to put SEO friendly Blogger Theme in your blogger blog. The advantage of applying SEO Friendly Blogger Theme in Blogger is that our blogger blog will get more traffic.

That’s why most bloggers use SEO friendly themes. If you want, you can also put SEO in your blog by purchase Blogger Theme.

If you want download SEO friendly Blogger Theme for free and apply in your blog. You download the SEO friendly theme from the website link given below and set your blog in a good look.

1- Lateste Frameify Free Theme

2- OnePress Blogger Theme  

You should first download the theme from here and follow the steps mentioned below. Hope you have downloaded the theme, so let’s see all the steps mentioned now.

Upload Blogger Theme

To upload a theme to Blogger, first of all login your Blogger account. Then you click on the theme from the menu option in Blogger Dashboard. The theme option will appear in front of you.

Backup / Restore: – Now you click on the Backup / Restore button which appears in the top right side, a new window will open in front of you.

Blogger Theme

1. Download Theme: – First of all, you download the backup of your blog. If you do not like the theme uploaded, then you can download that theme again.

2. Choose File: – Now click on the option of Choose File you see in it. And where you have downloaded the theme. First you unzip it. And select XML file from it.

3. Upload: – By now you must have selected the theme, so now click on Upload. Your theme will be uploaded.

Now you can open the blog and see how the theme looks. If you do not like it, you can upload another theme in the same way.

One benefit of applying SEO friendly Blogger Theme is that your Adsenes account will be accepted very soon. Start earning from your blog.

How to Setup a Blog Footer

If you want to customize the footer of the theme you have uploaded in the blog, you can.

Setup blog

1. Theme: – First of all, after you come to Blogger Dashboard, click on Theme.

2. Edit HTML: – Now click on Edit HTML. When it is fully opened, then you press Ctrl + F button from keyboard.

Now open your blog and come to it and select Design by copying it. And paste it in the Find box.

Now if you press the Enter button twice from the keyboard, this code will be selected. There is no need to tamper with it, just you have to adjust the code given below.

<div class = ‘footer-copyright’ id = ‘footer-copyright’>

You will get this code, after going to the end of this you press the enter button twice and then put this code.

<p style = ‘text-align: left;’> Copyright & # 169; 2020 <a href=’‘> Tech Zone </a> All Right Reserved </p>   <div class = ‘ty-copy-container row’ style = ‘font-size: 1px; opacity: 0; ‘>

In this code, where the link of our blog is, you put the link of your blog in that place. And then in this code you have to add a small code.

Copy Blogger Theme </a> </span> </div> You will get just this code here and you type another code below.

</div> When all the code is complete, then you click on Save Theme above. Now you can see that your footer has changed.

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