Table Menu Word 2003 Full Explain in Microsoft Office

All the options in Table Menu Word 2003 are related to the tables. “Table” is made up of Column and Row. Identify the column and row in the following table.

Table Menu Word 2003

Draw Table – Table Menu Word 2003

On click this option, the following toolbar will open. In which all the commands of Table Menu Word 2003 are present.


You can bring tables through this option under Table Menu Word 2003.

And you can increase the column, row, cell in the table. Under it are the following options.

1- Table: –  On click this option, the dialog box will open in MS Word.

In which ok by giving number in the box of column and row. After doing ok the table will appear in the page.

2- Column to the left :- By this option the column in which the cursor is. You can expand on the left side of that column.

3- Column to the Right :- By this option the column in which the cursor is. You can expand on the right side of that column.

4- Row Above :- By this option the row in which the cursor is. On top of that row new rows can be increase.

5- Row Below:- By this the row in which the cursor is. Below that row you can grow new rows.

6- Cell: – By this option, you can increase the cell from right, left, up and down.

Delete – Table Menu Word 2003

Through Delete, you can delete table, column, row, cell etc in Table Menu.

Table: – To delete the table, first select the table and then click on this option, your table will be delete.

Column:- If you want to delete any column. So select that column and click on delete column. Or you can also delete by right-click with the mouse.

Row:- To delete any row, you can select that row and delete it by click on delete row.

Cell:- To delete any cell, you first select the cell. Then delete it. Or press the right mouse button and click Delete.

Select – Table Menu Word 2003

Through this you can select Table, Column, Row, Cell etc. You can select any table row and column and cell.

Merge Cells

Merge Cells In Microsoft Word 2003, by this option, two or more select cells can be united.

Split Cells Table Menu Word 2003

Split cells, through this option, the cell can be divide into several parts.

Method- By click on the Split Cell option, the dialog box will open.

In which as many numbers as you give in the column and row box, the same number of columns and rows will come in the cell in which the cursor is.

Split Table Word 2003

With this option, the table can be divide into pieces. Where to detach the table. Click on this option by placing the cursor in that row, from there the table will be separate.

Table Autoformat

Through this option, you can take the design made in the table. There are many designs in it. You can check all the designs by click on it. And then you can click on the one you like and insert it.

Auto Fit – Table Menu Word 2003

1- Auto fit to content : Table Menu In Word 2003, the column in which the text will be present. Use this option to make that column equal to itself.

2- Auto fit to Window: Through this option, all the columns can be spread across the screen.

3- Fixed Column Width: By this we fix the width of the column. That is, the width of the column will not increase on writing.

4- Distribute row evenly: By this option all the rows can be made equal.

5- Distribute column evenly: By this option all the columns can be made equal.

Convert Table Menu Word 2003

Convert In Word 2003, the text select by this option can be convert into a table. And the text in the table can be pass out of the table as a paragraph.

Note- Full detail of this option is under MS Excel .

Sort Table Menu Word 2003

Through this option, the entries made in the paragraph field, etc., can be done in sequence.

The advantage of the sort option is that the file contains multiple names, addresses, numbers, etc.

And want to sort all the number of names that start with A. Let that be one place. So to do this use this option.

Note- Full detail of this option is under MS Excel.


By this option, all the related work is done accordingly. The following dialog box will open as soon as you click on it under Table Menu Word 2003.

Where in the formula box, you can add, divide, multiply, etc. by using the formula as per your wish. To enable this option, first click on the table in the insert option under the table menu.

And prepare the table as per your wish and prepare the record in it like this. Now the program will automatically decide the column and row names like this.

Table Menu Word 2003

This name is call column heading and row heading in the language of the program. But this column will not be visible in the row heading table, it is create just for the sake of explanation.

Because you have to give the address of the cell while using the formula according to this heading.

Hide Grid lines

With this option, you can hide the selected column and row row. and can show.

Table Properties – Table Menu Word 2003

You can set the table in the article through the Table Properties option under Table Menu Word 2003. On click this, a dialog box will open. where we check this.

Click on that on the top left and right side of the table article. The table will appear in the article the same way. 

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