View Menu MS Excel 2003 Explain

View Menu MS Excel 2003 is related to all the options pages present in excel. That is, changing the mode of the page, and bringing the toolbar to the page as per your wish. Write a note at the top and bottom of the page. Spread your page across the screen etc.

Normal – View Menu MS Excel 2003

View Menu MS Excel By running this option, you can only write on the page. Cannot create object etc. And if the object is already created. So it won’t be visible.

Page Break Preview

On turning on this option in View Menu MS Excel, the size in which the print usually comes out. Divide the sheet into different pages in the same size and show it with page numbers.

Task Pane – View Menu MS Excel 2003

Task pane option in View Menu MS Excel is used to bring and hide the task pane. The task pane is on the right side of the word screen. Which varies according to the option.

Toolbars – View Menu MS Excel 2003

View Menu MS Excel, all the toolbars come under it. Which of these toolbars to bring? You can bring it up by click on it. And if you want to remove it, you can also remove it. All detail is below.

View Menu MS Excel 2003

1- Standard toolbar: – Mostly used options in this toolbar is in the form of icon.

Like- New, Open, Save, etc.

2- Formatting:- All the facilities related to paragraphs and text are present in this toolbar. For example, creating a heading for an article, setting a paragraph, and selecting the font style and size of the text.

3- Auto Text:- Some made-up words are present in this toolbar. On which of them, the same word will come in place of the cursor?

4- Clipboard:- In this toolbar, the copy or cut thing is present in the form of an icon. By clicking on that icon, the copy or cut item will come to the page.

5- Control toolbar:- In this toolbox there are a command button, option button, check box, text box, label, etc. Which one you click on will come. Now as soon as you double-click on it. The visual basic program will open. Where you can make this button usable by coding.

And if you want to write something on the page by bringing the button as a design. So right-click on it with the mouse, and the options bar will open. The options list in which the option will be present in the name of this button. Under that, you will get the option name Edit. By clicking on it, you can write a design in this button.


6- Database:- In this toolbar, options related to making any kind of change in the records brought by the Access program are present.

View Menu MS Excel

Method- Create a record in the field by opening the Access Program. After that copy the entire record. Or copy it by clicking on the name with which the copy has been prepare and pasting it in MS Word.

This is how the field will appear. Now insert a new record in this field, increasing the name of the field, delete any record, etc. Such changes can be made through the option present in the following database toolbar.

7- Forms: – Table, Frame, Check box, etc. can be brought through this toolbar.

8- Frames: – Through this toolbar, you can bring a frame to the page.

9- Picture:- You can increase or decrease the color of the photo brought by this toolbar.

10- Reviewing: – In this toolbar there are options related to comments. By whom you can bring comments. And you can make changes in the brought comments.

11- Visual Basic: – In this toolbar, options related to the visual basic programs are present.

12- Web:- Through this toolbar, you can open the file of the Internet.

Formula Bar – View Menu MS Excel 2003

View Menu MS Excel 2003 Click on this option to bring up and remove the formula bar. This has the advantage of showing that whatever formula you type in the cell will appear in the formula bar.

Status Bar

By click on this option, we bring up and remove the status bar. It will appear at the bottom of your desktop.

Header and Footer

Numbers at the top, bottom, and center of the page use this option to bring the date, time, etc.

Comment – ​​View Menu MS Excel 2003

View Menu MS Excel 2003 You can see the comment given by this option. This option will be activate when you write a comment about something by clicking on the comment option in the Insert Menu. Now use the above option to see this written comment.

Custom View – View Menu MS Excel 2003

With the help of this option, you can see the particular page. To do this, first you have to give a name by placing the cursor in all those pages.

Full Screen

View Menu MS Excel 2003, by this option, you can spread your page on the whole screen.

Zoom – View Menu MS Excel 2003

View Menu MS Excel, you can make your page bigger or smaller by this option. If you want to bring the zoom page as normal, then click on 100%, your page will be normal.

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