View Tab in PowerPoint 2007 Full Information

All the options present in View Tab in PowerPoint are related to the page. That is to change the mode of the page, bringing the toolbar to the page as you wish. Note down at the top of the page. Spread your page all over the screen etc.

View Tab in PowerPoint

Presentation Views: View Tab in PowerPoint

Normal: – By click on this option, the slide will appear as normal.

Slide Sorter: – Click on this option will show all the slides in sequence.  

Presentation View

Notes Page: – Click on this option will show the note page.

Slideshow: – Click on this option will start showing the slide.  

Slide Master: – After click on it, we will change the way of color, font style, size etc. Its effect will be seen on every slide.  

Handout Master: – This option in View Tab in PowerPoint After click on it, the following toolbar will appear. In this you select it. How many slides are print in a page. After this click on close in the second toolbar.  

Note Master: – After click on it, you can make changes in note master.  

Show/Hide and Zoom in View Tab in PowerPoint

Ruler: – This option in View Tab PowerPoint is use to fetch and remove ruler.  

View Tab PowerPoint

Gridlines: – This can bring grid lines to your slide.

Message Bar: – Message Bar can be open to complete any Required Action on a Document.

Zoom: – Through this option, you can make your page much smaller.

Fit to Window: – If you want to bring the zoom page to normal in View Tab PowerPoint. Then click on fit to window your page will become normal.  

Color / Grayscale 

Color: – Through this you can color the slide.

Grayscale : – From here you can see your presentation in grayscale.

Pure Black and White: – Through this you can black and white the colored slide.  

Window / Macro 

There are all the options under this. They are all related to windows. The screen of MS PowerPoint is call the window.

New Window: – Use it to open more than one window.  


Arrange All: – Use it to view more than one open window.

Cascade: – This can overlap the screen window.

Move Split: – Use it to split open windows in View Tab PowerPoint.

Switch Windows: – This closes the window of Current Document.  

Macro in View Tab PowerPoint

Macro: – You can record your article by this option in View Tab PowerPoint. So that when he wants to bring it.

On click this option, a strip will open which has the following options.  

1- Macros: On clicking this, the dialog box will open. Where in the box named Macro, type the name of the recorded macro.

Then click on the Run option button. On clicking, the recorded thing will appear in the page.   

2- Record New Macro: On click this, the dialog box will open. In the box where the macro name is the name with which to record the macro.

Write that name and do ok. A square tool will appear in the page. And the cursor will come in the form of cassette.  

Now whatever you write will be record in the given macro name. Now, to stop recording, click on the stop recording button inside the square tool present on the page. Recording will stop as soon as click.

Now, to get the record one, by click on the macros option, by which name the macro is record. Select it and click on run. The recorded article will come where the cursor is.  

Note – The dialog box that comes from click Record New Macro has two options.  

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(1) Toolbars: Can bring macros recorded by it as toolbars. So that whenever there is a need to fetch the recorded macro in View Tab PowerPoint. Click on this toolbar to bring the recorded item to the page.    

Click on it will open the dialog box where click on toolbars and click on new. The second dialog box will open.

In which, by typing any name in the box name Toolbar, do OK, the toolbar will be created with this name.  

Now pick up the normal new macro in the box of the command by placing it in the toolbar we created. And close the dialog box.

macro View Tab PowerPoint

Whenever you click on this toolbar, the recorded text will appear in the page.

(2) Keyboard: It can set text record in any short cut button.    

Way: Click on it will open the dialog box. Which, press the cursor in the box of press new shortcut and press any letter with Ctrl. Then click on Assign and then click Close. A toolbar name Stop will appear on the page.  

Now whatever you write will be recorded. When the record needs to be closed click on Stop Record.

Now whenever you press the shortcut, the record text will appear in the View Tab PowerPoint page.

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