Window Menu MS Excel 2003

All the options under Window Menu MS Excel are related to all the windows of all. You can do various types of manipulations in Window Menu MS Excel. The MS Excel screen itself is call a window.

Window Menu MS Excel

New Window: – Use  this option to open a new window or more than one window under the Window Menu MS Excel.

Arrange :- To minimize multiple open windows. Window Menu MS Excel, this command is use with the New-Window command.

Used to open more than one sheet at the same time. You use it to arrange sheets in a tiled, horizontal, vertical, or cascade manner. Based on which it will be easier for you to analyze the worksheets

On clicking this option, a dialog box will appear. In which ok by selecting the option according to your wish.

Compare Side by Side with: Window Menu MS Excel 2003

With the help of this command, you can compare the worksheet open in the design. Whenever you open a new worksheet, it will open side by side design.

Hide :- With the help of this option, you can hide or hide the open worksheet.

Unhide: – With the help of this option, you can show the hidden worksheet.

Split:-  This command will divide the sheet into four parts from the cell which has been select.

Remove Split: – With the help of this command, you can remove the window that was split.

Freez Pane: – With the help of this command, you freeze or lacquer some part of the window.

Thin lines will appear all around the cell that has been select. And that part will freeze. And that part will not move.

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