Window Menu MS Word 2003

All the options under Window Menu MS Word are related to all the windows of all. Although you will rarely find yourself using some of these tools.

You can do all kinds of manipulations in this. The MS Word screen itself is called a window. Let’s start with the Window menu and see what it consists of.

New Window

New Window Use it to open more than one window in MS Word. When you click on New Window, the exact copy of your document will open in another window.

Window Menu MS Word

Arrange – Window Menu MS Word

To minimize multiple open windows. Use the arrange all option. On clicking on the Arrange all option, a dialog box will appear. In which ok by selecting the option according to your wish. Based on which it will be very easy for you to analyze the page.

Compare Side by Side with

With the help of this command, you can compare the workbook of Window in MS Word. Whenever you open a new workbook, it will open it by designing Side by Side.

Split – Window Menu MS Word

With this command, you can divide the screen, you can detach the window from the place where the cursor is on the page.

The Window menu The Split option in MS Word will divide the page’s window into four parts.

Remove Split

With the help of this command, you can remove the window that you split. This option will appear only when you run the split command. When you will open two or three documentnet in your file. Then this option will show you which file you are working on.

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