Complete Information About Highrich Business: Unveiling the Opportunity

Are you curious about Highrich Digital Income and seeking comprehensive details about this intriguing business opportunity? This article aims to provide a complete guide to Highrich Digital Income, covering its profile, products, business plan, and more.

Highrich Digital Income

High-Digital Income Online Shopping: An Overview

What is Highrich? Highrich Digital Income, or Highrich Online Shopping, stands as a multi-level merchandise company, offering both online and offline shopping options. By joining as a distributor, individuals can not only shop but also earn retail profits by selling Highrich products.

Highrich Digital Income is a legal entity holding a valid CIN number (U52590KL2019PTC060038) registered under MCA. The company complies with legal requirements by possessing essential documents such as GST Certificates, PAN Certificates, ISO Certificates, FSSI Certificates, etc.

Tracing the History of Highrich

  • The company’s inception in 2016.
  • Commencement as an Online Shoppe in November 2016.
  • Expansion into grocery supply from August 2018.
  • Establishment of the Taluk Warehouse in March 2019.
  • Attainment of incorporation certification in October 2019.
  • Surpassing 2 lakh customers by April 2020.
  • Store agency expansion Pincode Wise from July 2020.
  • Over 15 lakh customers are presently part of the Highrich network.

Highrich Company Profile

  • CIN: U52590KL2019PTC060038
  • Registration Number: 060038
  • Class of Company: Private
  • Office Address: Door No.TC 41/1030/14, Second floor Kanimangalam Tower, Valiyalukkal Thrissur Thrissur KL 680027 IN
  • Date of Incorporation: October 22, 2019
  • PAN Number: AAFCH0823E
  • GST Number: 32AAFCH0823E1Z8
  • ISO Certificate Number: QBQ611120
  • ROC Code: RoC-Ernakulam
  • Company Status: Active
  • Email:
  • Customer Care Number: +91 9744338134
  • Website:,
Highrich Digital Income

How to Earn Money from Highrich Digital Income

To generate income from Highrich Digital Income Online Shopping, one must join as a distributor. This involves purchasing a pin worth at least Rs 10,000, creating an ID, and becoming a self-reliant distributor. Earning money is based on selling products and building a downline network.

Highrich Online Shopping Products List

Highrich Digital Income offers a diverse range of products, from FMCG to electronics, jewelry, automobile accessories, and more. The product pricing is competitive, making it accessible for personal use and referrals.

Highrich Business Plan

Operating on a network marketing plan, Highrich incentivizes product sales through its distributors. The business plan involves self-purchase income, first-purchase income, and re-purchase income.

High-Income Plan

Highrich provides income to its distributors in three ways: self-purchase income, first-purchase income, and re-purchase income. These income streams offer discounts, rewards, and commissions based on different levels and activities within the network.

Benefits of High-Profit Business

  • Work-from-home flexibility.
  • Online and offline product buying and selling options.
  • Autonomy is your boss.
  • Time freedom to work as per convenience.
  • Earning potential based on network and sales.
  • Discounts of up to 20% on products after joining.

Disadvantages of High-End Business

  • Mandatory recruitment of two individuals for earning.
  • Commissions are received only when people below you buy or sell the product.
  • The commission requires the formation of pairs on both sides.
  • Greater recruitment is needed for substantial earnings.

Should you join Highrich?

Highrich doesn’t offer fixed commissions but ties earnings to product sales and network building. If you seek unlimited earning potential through network expansion, Highrich could be a promising option.


Highrich digital income presents a unique opportunity for those looking to venture into online shopping and network marketing. The key lies in understanding the business plan, leveraging the income streams, and building a robust network.

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