Flywheel WordPress Hosting: Best Host Review in 2024

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review: If seen as the most trusted web hosting, usually WordPress hosting provides a much better experience than shared hosting. If you have the budget, then you can consider this hosting. But often, there is also a question in the minds of people about which hosting service provider to choose. To help you in this post, we are here at Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review to address your concerns.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting: Best Host Review

Flywheel Hosting is currently one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers in the world. People are buying and using this hosting plan with great interest. Flywheel Hosting provides great features for WordPress users and agencies.

Exclusive Features for Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

Flywheel Hosting offers a wide range of tools for developers, designers, freelancers, and agencies, in addition to the features of WordPress hosting. If you are looking for good web hosting that can help you grow your business through your website, you can consider Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.

Let us know about the plans and features of Flywheel WordPress Hosting in this review.

  • One-Click Website Staging: Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting can also use the staging technology to test any changes to WordPress sites.
  • Optimization: Flywheel provides you with an organized dashboard for WordPress websites instead of cPanel in WordPress hosting.
  • Website Backup: Flywheel WordPress Hosting backs up your website daily. This shows that Flywheel is a very good service provider.
  • Security: To protect your website from malware and attacks, take care to keep your site safe by removing useless plugins, etc. from the website.
  • Installation Achievement: Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting’s Blueprint Tool is a tool that auto-installs themes and plugins on new sites. Overall, Flywheel WordPress Hosting is equipped with all the features.

Customer Support Flywheel WordPress Hosting

When it comes to Flywheel Hosting customer support, Flywheel does not disappoint its customers as compared to other hosting services. Flywheel Hosting helps in many ways for the customer. This can be done through email, phone calls, social media, and live chat.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Performance

The performance of Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting is much better than other hosting. When you use Flywheel Hosting’s offers and tools, you will know for yourself whether this hosting is worth using or not.

  • Custom Caching Option: This caching tool is designed with the WordPress user in mind so that the user does not face any kind of problem.
  • Arrangement of Free CDN: With the facility of Content Delivery Network, you can remove the worry of speed load on your website, which you will be able to use for free.
  • WordPress Optimization: Flywheel only hosts WordPress sites for WordPress optimization. That’s why Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting has fine-tuned its server for this.
  • Basic Power: Flywheel WordPress Hosting has made Google Cloud its partner for powerful performance. Due to this, there is no problem of any kind in their performance.

Flywheel Hosting Pricing

It provides four types of plans Tiny, Starter, Freelance, Agency, etc., Flywheel Hosting plans provide plans for both a business and a freelancer.

Flywheel Hosting’s Tiny Plan

Flywheel WordPress Hosting now offers Tiny Plans to its customers for just $13 per month. If you buy this plan for one year, then you will get a 2-month discount, and you will have to pay only $150 per year. Under Flywheel Hosting’s Tiny Plan, you will be able to create only one website. This plan allows 5000 visitors per month to visit your website. Talking about storage space, you will get only 5 GB of space in this. And we will get bandwidth storage up to 20GB.

Platform Feature of Tiny Plan

Flywheel WordPress Hosting has some of the following features under the Tiny plan, which you can see below:?

  • FlyCache: This is a caching tool made by Flywheel that will remove all the cache on your website easily and at a fast speed.
  • CDN (Powered by Fastly): With the convenience of a content delivery network, your website removes the worry of speed, which you can use for free.
  • While buying Simple SSL Certificates: Flywheel Hosting, you will also be given the facility of SSL, which you will be able to use with the Tiny plan for free.
  • 10 StudioPress Themes: With the Tiny plan, you will also be provided with a theme for which no charge will be taken.
  • Genesis Framework: This is a theme developer and design tool that will be provided to you for free.
  • Additional Sites ($20/ month/site): If you want to create additional sites, then you will have to pay $20/ month / each website charge for this.
  • Global Availability: Global availability is given to any website in this hosting.
  • Auto-Healing Technology: If there is any problem with the website uploaded on Flywheel Hosting, then it will be rectified automatically.
  • Plugin Security Alerts: If any plugin encounters any problem on your website, the Plugin Security Alerts team will alert you immediately.
  • Third-Party SSL Certificates: Flywheel Hosting also allows third-party SSL certificates, like other hosting.

Workflow Tools of the Tiny Plan: Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Let us go through some handy tools in the Flywheel WordPress Hosting Tiny plan that comes with buying hosting.

  • Blueprints: With the help of this tool, you can easily customize the theme of the website.
  • With the help of this tool in Organizations: Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting, you can collaborate with your team. I can manage the website with the team.
  • Billing Transfer: You can easily transfer any website to another client’s account. And you can upgrade the hosting to another plan as well.
  • Local Development Environment: You can create a WordPress website for your local area.
  • Staging Sites: With the help of this, you can come up with new ideas that can prove beneficial for your website.
  • Free Demo Site: Before choosing any plan, you can use the hosting trial for 14 days.
  • Collaborators: To keep a single website secure, you can create contacts for Collaborate.
  • Nightly backups: Nightly backup facility is provided in Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • All-in-One SFTP: A set of credentials gives you an SFTP facility for all sites.
  • SSH Gateway: This is suitable for managing your WordPress website with the help of the command line.
  • Site Cloning: With the help of the site cloning tool, you will be able to easily shift any site to any other plan.
  • Google Analytics Add-on: With the help of this add-on, helps a lot to grow your business and website.

Tiny Plan Support Option in Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Let us see some of the following tools under the support option in Flywheel  WordPress Hosting, which you will be able to use for free.

  • Free Migrations: Supporting the team of Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting will help you a lot to migrate each website for free.
  • 24/7 Chat Support: Flywheel’s full-fledged customer support team of WordPress experts is available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting: OPTIONAL ADD-ONS

An optional add-on facility is provided for free in Flywheel WordPress Hosting.

  • Managed Plugin Updates: Whenever a new update of the plugin will come daily or weekly, it will update automatically.
  • Performance Insights: You can take action about your website’s summary with complete details and its performance.

Flywheel Hosting Starter Plan

Buy Flywheel’s Starter plan for just $25 per month. If you buy this plan for one year, then you will be given a discount of 2 months and you will have to pay only $300 for a year. You will also be able to create a website under its Starter plan. In this plan, your website allows 25000 visitors per month. Talking about the storage space in the Starter plan, you will get only 10GB of space in this. And will get Bandwidth Storage up to 50GB.

Starter Plan’s Platform Feature, Support, Add-on

You can see all the features under the Starter plan in Flywheel Hosting, which you can see in the Tiny plan above, which is very similar to the Starter plan.

Flywheel Hosting Freelance Plan

You can buy its Freelance plan at just $96/Month. If you buy this plan for $1150/Year for one year, then you will be given a discount of 2 months. You will also be able to create 10 websites under Flywheel WordPress Hosting’s freelance plan. A freelance plan offers the ability to have 100,000 visitors per month visit your website. In the freelance plan, you will get 20GB of storage space and up to 200GB of bandwidth storage.

Freelance Plan: (Platform Feature, Workflow Tool, Support, Add-on)

You can see all the features in Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting under the Freelance plan in the Tiny plan above. The facility of some tools has been increased in the Freelance plan which is given below.

  • Multisite- In this plan, you can create 10 websites from which you can choose different topics and different niches.

Agency Plan of Flywheel Hosting

You can buy Flywheel WordPress Hosting’s Agency plan for just $242/Month. If you buy this plan for $2900/Year for one year, then you will be given a discount of 2 months. In this, you will be able to create 30 websites. The agency plan offers the capacity to visit your website with 400000 visitors/month. In the agency plan, you will get 50GB of storage and up to 500GB of bandwidth storage.

You can see all the features under the Agency plan Platform Feature, Workflow Tool, Support, and Add-on, in the Tiny plan above. Some tools have been enhanced in this which are given below.

  • Multisite- In this plan, you can create 30 websites and choose different niches.
  • Migration Dashboard- In this plan, you will be able to take advantage of the facility of Migration Dashboard.
  • Phone Support- You can talk to the phone to get help from this hosting.
  • Dedicated Account Manage- In this, you will be able to use Dedicated Account Manage.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting’s Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.


  • Its security option is very interesting.
  • Supporting service is very powerful.
  • Its speed performance is very good.
  • Multiple advanced features are also available.


  • Its price is higher than other hosting.


Now this provides great offers for Flywheel WordPress Hosting. If seen on the other hand, there are very cheap hosting providers. But when the quality of service of Flywheel WordPress Hosting is seen, then some hosting providers provide similar service. If you have a low budget and you are a WordPress user. So you can consider Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.


Q1: What makes Flywheel Hosting stand out among WordPress hosting providers?

A1: Flywheel Hosting is renowned for its tailored services catering to developers, designers, freelancers, and agencies. It offers a range of features beyond standard WordPress hosting, including workflow tools and excellent customer support.

Q2: How does Flywheel handle customer support?

A2: Flywheel provides customer support through various channels, including email, phone calls, social media, and live chat. Their WordPress experts are available 24/7 to assist users with any queries or issues.

Q3: What sets Flywheel’s performance apart from other hosting providers?

A3: Flywheel’s Managed WordPress Hosting boasts superior performance, with features like custom caching options, free CDN powered by Fastly, and optimized servers with Google Cloud partnership. These contribute to a faster and more reliable hosting experience.

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