VidToon Animation Software Review 2024: A Newer Version is the Better Animation Software?

Hello, there welcome to VidToon Animation Software Review this software is most recommended to all animators or video maker apps. Who wants an easy platform for their explainer today?

VidToon 2.0 Animation Software

VidToon Animation Software Video Maker Cartoon

I’m going to be reviewing VidToon Animation Software. It claims to be the world’s easiest and most Powerful animation software. It costs $49 a month but here’s the cash you can purchase this for a one-time payment and you know me I love lifetime deals. So if you’ve decided to get Vidtoon 2.1 video maker with music goanimate make sure.

The latest version of Vidtoon 2.1. The software is a popular animation software and video maker online. But is it better than the previous version? Are there any additional features? What about prices? Let’s find out video maker for YouTube. It’s a well-known fact that animated cartoons and emoji videos help to grow your capital significantly. Your videos are currently one of the most widely used formats of online posts.

Whenever you combine animated video with audio and visual elements etc. it starts tapping into our imagination. And when this kind of reaction happens. Then you want to send whatever marketing message you want to your audience to make it an even more effective video maker presentation.

But there is another side to it as well. whenever you from animated video capture the audience’s attention and convert them into customers. Making these types of animated videos is difficult but not impossible. If you guys are like me. Who doesn’t know any type of coding or graphic designing? So it might be a bit difficult for him. That is why software like VidToon 2.1 comes out for such people. With VidToon 2.1 software, any person can easily create animation videos by installing them on their computer. You can do this work yourself without any special skills or hiring an expensive graphic designer.

What is VidToon Animation Software?

You can easily create animation video clips by drag and drop from VidToon Animation software. You can easily use this tool on all types of computers and laptops. It is very easy to create any kind of animated video using VidToon animation software. You can place any object wherever you want in the video. VidToon animation software comes with more than 25 characters. There are more than 15 animations in all the characters.

100 FullHD cartoon backgrounds, and over 200 trendy royalty-free music tracks. With the help of this, you will be able to create impressive animated videos easily.

Features of VidToon 2.1 animation software.

  • In this, you can make videos up to 20 minutes long. This 20 minutes is very important because earlier the maximum length of the video was only 3 minutes in its initial version.
  • All kinds of animation and object movement features are available.
  • Has the ability to flip the orientation of any object.
  • A special feature of this software is that this smart timeline automatically fixes the position of the objects that we drag and drop.
  • Support all language text (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, and others)
  • Will also be able to use text speech tools (Microsoft and Google)
  • There is the ability to export videos to FullHD.
  • In this, features like zooming in and out of the camera are also available.
  • The feature of camera zoom in and out is also present.
  • You can easily add your audio file and photo to personalize the animation video.

VidToon 2.1 Animation Software About Membership

VidToon 2.1 animation software has most of the features that help you create amazing content. You can create amazing videos using online campaigns etc. You can use voiceover in the video, you can also use a translator and heading in the video. And can stream them on all social media platforms.

Note: You have to take the paid version to avail all these features.

Under the member option visible on the right side of the dashboard, all premium products of Vidtoon 2.1 will be visible which you can buy by paying some money. And you will be able to take advantage of all its features. You click on the Access button to purchase the premium product of this tool.

If you want to associate your product with the upgrade at any time. And want to get more information about it, then you can get all the information by clicking on the More Information button. When you have purchased that product, it will redirect you to the download page from where you can easily download the product to your device and install it on your computer.

In the dashboard of VidToon Animation Software, you can see all kinds of important tabs. The marketplace is a place where you can buy additional resources. You can also buy some additional backgrounds, soundtracks, characters, and templates to use with your VidToon Animation Software. Which will enhance the beauty of your video.

VidToon Animation Software Upgrade Version

Now let’s have a quick look at the VidToon Animation Software upgrade version which is given below.

About Templates Club of VidToon 2.1

With the VidToon Animation Software upgrade, you can use lifetime animation characters. With the Character Tool, you can easily create your animation video. You’ll be able to use 270 highly converted DELUXE templates in VidToon 2.1 with professional voiceovers, 100% Full HD cartoons, and over 150 soundtracks. You’ll find some new additional templates, characters, backgrounds, and soundtracks added to your premium account every month.

  • Voicely by Vidtoon 2.1: With the help of ‘Voicely’ software, you can create your voice-over from text, this is a very great option. You can switch between over 500 different voice types and over 60 languages with its help.
  • Streamr by Vidtoon 2.1 With the help of Streamr by Vidtoon 2.1 software, you can stream your videos easily. You can also add subtitles to videos and translate your videos for a worldwide audience.

How to Create An Animation Video Using VidToon 2.1?

Let us now see how to easily create animated videos using VidToon 2.1 software.

How to Add Background VidToon 2.1

There are many types of readymade HD backgrounds in VidToon Animation Software. You can also upload your image elements and designs to use in the background. To use any background you can drag and drop it into the video maker app with a music box. It is very easy to use. You can fix the size you want to keep the background according to the screen and you can also change the size of the screen. To do all this you can easily setup by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option.

In this, if you want, you can also set up when to start showing the background. And for how long you want to run the background, it can also be easily done in the timeline. You can also add background flip and background color and all the effects that appear and disappear. There are many types of effects available to move the object.

Simply to Add Characters a Project Vidtoon 2.1

All kinds of HD animated characters you can find inside the dashboard of your VidToon Animation Software. Easily add all those characters to your video. A search box will appear at the top of the dashboard to search for different types of animation characters. You can also change the size of your characters in the background of the video as you wish. You can choose to add any animation to the video by clicking on the settings icon.

If you want your character to continue animation, click on the button that looks like a spinning wheel. You can add the effect of having in-animation and out-animation to the character and speed etc. You can also add multiple characters to the video and force them to animate any way you want. And you can create a weird effectual story.

How to Add Zoom Effect in VidToon Animation Software

Zoom Effect is a new feature that can be found in VidToon animation software. With the help of this feature, you can make your videos more fun. You can add these effects by clicking on the ‘green bar’ that appears at the bottom of the timeline.

You can click on a little plus button on the left side of the track to zoom in as much as you want. To add more zoom options, all you have to do is adjust it in the track so that the zoom will be added to your video. And then customize it wherever you want the zoom effect in the video. When you can preview it and see if there is any defect in it, you can fix it again.

Add Text and Voice in VidToon Animation Software

With VidToon 2.1, you can record various types of audio, automatic voice, Google TTS, or your voice within the video. And you can apply it in animation. To take advantage of all these features, you can apply them by clicking on the ‘Text to Speech’ icon and dropping it on your audio track within the timeline of the video.

After that, you can click on the setting option and activate it by entering the API code of the Google Text Speech service. You can generate voice-over by typing any text in the box. Your voice will be automatically added to the scene you create. It also has the option of recording your voice.

Add to Music and Stock Images, Icon video makers like TikTok

You can add Vidoon’s inbuilt music library music to any type your video. Upload your music tracks and add them to the video maker and editor. With this new feature of Vidtoon, you can add all kinds of images, icons, and gifs to your project from Pixabay, Picsart, and Canva to videos. To search for a property, you simply type keywords into the search box. Which will show you a list of images from where you can download whatever you want and insert it into your project.

Opinion to Get VidToon Animation Software

The older version of VidToon software was very popular and worked very well. Many additional features have been added in VidToon version 2.1 which looks much better than the previous one. VidToon Animation Software you get only $49 with a lifetime license which is very cheap too with so many features. You can install this software on more than one computer without any extra charge.


VidToon Animation Software 2.1 offers a comprehensive solution for creating captivating animated videos without the need for extensive technical skills. With an array of features including drag-and-drop functionality, a vast library of characters, backgrounds, and music tracks, as well as advanced capabilities such as text-to-speech and zoom effects, VidToon simplifies the animation process for users of all levels.

The upgraded version further enhances the software with additional templates, characters, and tools like Voicely and Streamr, providing even more creative possibilities. Priced affordably at $49 with a lifetime license, VidToon offers excellent value for money, making it a worthy investment for animators and video makers seeking an easy-to-use yet powerful solution.


Q: Is VidToon Animation Software suitable for beginners?

Yes, VidToon Animation Software is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to beginners without prior experience in animation or graphic design.

Can I use VidToon Animation Software on multiple computers?

Yes, with a lifetime license, you can install VidToon Animation Software on more than one computer without any extra charge.

Q: Does VidToon Animation Software support multiple languages?

Yes, VidToon Animation Software supports all language texts including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, and others. It also offers text-to-speech tools powered by Microsoft and Google.

Q: What are the benefits of upgrading to the premium version?

Upgrading to the premium version unlocks additional features such as lifetime animation characters, deluxe templates, professional voiceovers, and more. It also provides access to tools like Voicely and Streamr for enhanced functionality.

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