Microsoft Excel 2007: A Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft Excel 2007 is one of the best programs in MS Office. In which the company can do all the work related to records, salary sheets, and office with ease.

Microsoft Excel 2007

About Windows in Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007 window provides various features as toolbars for working with worksheets. So that by using these toolbars, you can easily conclude the work done in the worksheet.  

About the WorkBook

The file that opens in Microsoft Excel 2007 is called a worksheet. A workbook can range from 1 sheet to 255 sheets. In this sheet, we collect our information. For this reason, this program, Microsoft Excel 2007, has extraordinary importance based on its features. Because of this, the part today is related to any department in the office of the whole world. This program is used somewhere.

How to Open MS Excel  

To open MS Excel, first, click on the Start button and then click on the All Programs option. A list of programs will appear in front of you. In which click on Microsoft Office, click on MS Excel 2007, and the MS Excel program will open in front of you.  

Expand the screen portion of MS Excel 2007

We are now elaborating on every part of the appearance and its work.  

  • Title Bar: It contains the name of the program and file on the left side. On the right side, there are Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.  
  • Minimize: Through this, the program is truncated as an icon in the taskbar. Then open the program by clicking on that icon again. In this way, we can shorten many programs and put them in the taskbar.  
  • Maximize: This program can be spread across the screen.  
  • Close: This program can be closed, Microsoft Excel 2007.

Office Button:

With this option, you can open a new document and you can save your file as well as you can easily if you want to print your file.  

  • New (Ctrl+N): Use this option to open a new file in Microsoft Excel 2007.
  • Open (Ctrl+O): With this option, you can open the saved file in Microsoft Excel 2007. That is the file you have already created with a name. Clicking on this option to open that file again will show the dialog box shown below. From the drop-down list of Look in, select the drive or directory in which the file is present. The names of the files will appear in the window below, select one of those files and click on the open button. Or double-click on that name. Or by typing the name of the file in the file name box click on the Open button to open. From the drop-down list of File of Type select the type of file to open. And if you want to see the name of each type of file in the window. So select All files from the same drop-down list.  
  • Save (Ctrl+S): Use this option to save the opened file.

Note: If the file is not, then click on Save, and the Dialog box will open. From the drop-down list of Look in, select the drive or directory in which to save the file. Then type the new name in the file name box. From the drop-down list of save as type, select the style of the file to be created. After this click on “save,” and the file will be saved.  

  • Save As (Ctrl+Alt+S): You can create a copy of the opened file with a different name. The newly created file will open. And the old file will be closed.  
  • Print (Ctrl+P): Prints the file opened by it.    
  • Prepare: With this option, you can set the properties keyword in your blog. And also you can lock your file with a Password. Which will make your file secure.  
  • Send to: Through this option, you can send your file to the internet through the option.  
  • Properties: In this write all the information related to your file. On clicking on it, the following property bar will appear. In which details related to the file will be present. Apart from this, if you want to write brief information related to the file, you can write it by clicking on the Summary Button. Apart from this, you can get the information related to the file by clicking on the tab button present in Microsoft Excel 2007.
  • Publish: With this option, you can publish your blog or website as a written post.
  • Close: (Ctrl+F4): Use this to close an open file.

Note: If any kind of change has been made in the open file. When closing it, the Computer will show an option of Yes or No to Severe. Changing done yes will save. Doing no will stop the old form without saving.

Formula Bar:

This box provides the facility to change the text present in the selected cell. Similarly, using a formula, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, etc. results in the formula bar.  

Method: First, select the cell in which formatting is to be done. Then click in the box of the formula bar and enter after formatting.  


This bar has a Start button on the left side. By which we can open the program. And you can keep the open program as an icon by minimizing it in the taskbar. You can open it again by clicking on that icon. In this strip, there is a clock on the right side. The time and date can be changed by double click on it.  

Note: For linking more than one text box and moving the box in different directions. The following toolboxes use the tool.  

If this tool is not shown when you create a text box, you can start the tool by clicking on the text box under the toolbar option in the Insert Tab.  

This bar consists of various menus in Microsoft Excel 2007. There are many options under all tabs. Which can be clicked and run with the mouse. Study all the menus carefully in the next post in Microsoft Excel 2007.


Microsoft Excel 2007 offers a powerful platform for organizing data, performing calculations, and creating professional documents. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool for businesses, educators, and individuals alike.


How can I open a new file in Excel 2007?

You can open a new file by clicking on the Office Button and selecting “New” or by pressing Ctrl + N.

Can I print my Excel document directly from the program?

Yes, you can print your document by clicking on the Office Button, selecting “Print,” or by pressing Ctrl + P. Adjust print settings as needed before printing.

How do I save my Excel file?

To save your file, click on the Office Button and select “Save” or press Ctrl + S. Choose the desired location and file name, then click “Save.”

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