MS PowerPoint 2003: Feature and Complete Information

MS PowerPoint 2003 is one of the programs of MS Office, There are four programs under MS Office. 1. Microsoft Word 2. MS PowerPoint 3. Microsoft Excel 4. Microsoft Access etc. Of these, MS PowerPoint 2003 is one such program. Which is completely different from all the programs of MS Office. Because this program presents Pictures, Text, and Voices attractively. The specialty of this program is this.

MS PowerPoint 2003

You can tell about your purpose, i.e., imagination, whether it is related to business, such as discoveries or rules of the company. Or related to education, such as explaining it to the student by making a map. Or related to an institute, such as presenting the progress of the institute in front of the audience. So this program serves that purpose with attractive detail in the form of picture text and voice in this way. That the front gets affected. And his heart becomes ready to accept all these things. This is the reason why this program holds exceptional importance for its specialty.

How to Open MS PowerPoint 2003

To open the MS PowerPoint 2003 feature, first, click on the Start button and then click on the Program option. A list of programs will appear in front of you. In which click on Microsoft PowerPoint. The task pane is visible on this screen. Click on “Create a new presentation” at the bottom. A task pane named “new presentation” will appear. In which the following options are related to creating the file.

  1. Blank Presentation: In MS PowerPoint 2003, you can create a blank slide through this. On clicking this, a list of blank slides will appear in the Task pane. The slide of the same style will appear on the page on which you click on it.
  2. From design template: Through this, you can select an attractive design made only related to your purpose.
  3. From auto content wizard: By this, you can select the heading and attractive design with all the features related to your purpose.

Method: Auto Content Wizard

A click on it will open a dialog box. Click on the next button in it. The dialog box shown below will open. Click that button in this dialog box. For which the related file has to be prepared. For example, on clicking on General, Corporate, Project, Sales & Marketing, etc., a list related to this will appear. Select anyone from this list and click on the Next button. Another dialog box will open in which the options are related to the way the file appears.

MS PowerPoint 2003

Now the file from which you select the radio button will appear in the same way. On clicking the Next button, another dialog box will open. In the first box, write the heading related to the presentation and in the second box, type the word that you want to appear on every page. After that click on the Next button and click on the Finish button. The created design page will look like this. Now in this, you can write whatever you want by clicking on it. In this program, the file is called a presentation and the page is called a slide.

Name of Part Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 

In MS PowerPoint 2003 we are now explaining all the parts of the screen and its working in detail.

Title Bar:

It has the program and file name on the left side. On the right side, there are minimize, maximize, and close buttons.

  • Minimize: By this, the MS PowerPoint 2003 feature minimizes the program and keeps it in the form of an icon in the taskbar. Then click on that icon again to open the program. In this way, we can minimize many programs and keep them in the taskbar.
  • Maximize: By this in MS PowerPoint 2003, the program can be spread to the full screen.
  • Close: MS PowerPoint 2003 can close open programs through this.

Standard Toolbar: MS PowerPoint 2003

There are different types of options in the form of icons. For example Print, Save, Open, New, etc.

Standard toolbar
  • 1- To create a new file.
  • 2- To open the saved file.
  • 3- To save the opened file.
  • 6- To print the current file.
  • 7- To view the page before printing.
  • 8- To correct it by checking the spelling
  • 10- Cut the selected text or object and place it in the clipboard. So that when you want to bring it, you can bring it by Ctrl+V.
  • 11- Copy and keep it on the clipboard. So that when you want to bring it, you can bring it by Ctrl+V.
  • 12- To bring the Rakhi thing to the page in the clipboard.
  • 13- By this, the color of the selected text or object and the thickness of the line can be brought to another text or object.

Method for text object format

In MS PowerPoint 2003 First of all, select the text or object whose color and line thickness are to be brought. After that click on this button. The cursor will change to a brush. After that click on the text or object in which to bring.

  • 14- Lastly, whatever work you have done, after finishing it, to come to the previous condition.
  • 15- To bring back the work finished by the above option.
  • 16- By this, tables can be made as charts.
  • 17- Through this, you can create a direct table.
  • 18- Through this, you can bring tables, etc. Its description is under Toolbar Options in the View menu.
  • 19- Through this, you can present another slide or other file or hyperlink of the Internet in your slide.
  • 20- Through this, the slide article can be shown in the outline view window. and can hide.
  • 21- Through this, the formatting of the slide article can be shown in the outline view window. and can hide.
  • 23- By this, you can convert the current file from color to grayscale and from grayscale to colored.
  • 24- With this, you can zoom or enlarge the page.
  • 25- With this option, you can get help through the Internet.
Formating bar

Formatting Tool Bar

It has the facility of font style, font size, setting of paragraph and font color, etc.

  • Slide view Window: This is the original page, it works in this MS PowerPoint 2003.
  • Note window: In this window, notes related to slides are written.
  • View Button: Through this, you can make the sliding window bigger and smaller in different ways.
  • Ruler: In MS PowerPoint 2003 The Ruler bar shows the setting of Tab, Paragraph, Page.
  • Scroll bar: By this, you can move the page up, down, right, or left.
Drawing tool bar

Drawing Tool Bar

There are many options related to text and boxes in this toolbar. Different types of changes can be made in text and boxes. Click on Draw on the left in this bar will show a chart, which has the following options.

  • Group: Through this option in MS PowerPoint 2003, you can create a group by selecting many objects.
  • Ungroup: With this option group objects can be separated.
  • Regroup: Through this option in MS PowerPoint 2003, ungroup objects, etc. can be grouped again.
  • Order: With this, you can move back and forth between object drawings, etc. made on the page. Under this, there are the following options.
    • Bring to Front: By this option, the select object can be brought up.
    • Send to Back: The object selected by this option can be brought down.
    • Bring to Forward: The objects selected by this option can be brought up one by one in sequence.
    • Send Backward: The objects selected by this option can be lowered one by one in sequence.
    • Bring Forward to text: By this option in MS PowerPoint 2003, the select object can be brought above the text.
    • Send Behind to Text: The object selected by this option can be placed below the text.

Grid Nudge and Align Rotate etc

  1. Grid: By this, you can bring a grid line to the page.
  2. Nudge: The selected object can be moved from top to bottom right-left. This work can also be done through Arrow Key.
  3. Align and Distribute: On clicking this option, a bar will open. In which the above options will start only after clicking on the bottom option Relative to page. By which the selected object can be moved to the top-right-left of the top of the page.
  4. Rotate or Flip: By this, you can rotate the selected object as per your wish.
  5. Text wrapping: It is used to place the object in the article as per its wish. So that the text uses how the variables come around the object.

Reroute Connector

In MS PowerPoint 2003, The long connector between two objects will shorten the line by automatically adapting it to the shortcut. It will start when we make two or more boxes inside the drawing canvas area and connect them through the connector line.

  • Method: On selecting any object from the drawing toolbar, a box with a cut line will appear on the page. Which is called the drawing canvas area. Right-click on this box will open a bar of options. Click on the Show Drawing Canvas toolbar will bring up a toolbar named Drawing Canvas. The setting of the canvas area can be done by the option present in it.
  • Edit Point: By this, you can bend the line as per your wish.
  • Change Auto Shape: Through this option in MS PowerPoint 2003, you can change the selected box into different designs.
  • Set Autosahpe Defaults: By filling in the box color and clicking on this option, now whenever you make a box, the same color will always come.
  • AutoShapes: Click on it will open a bar with different shape names.

In which the designs related to different shapes are present. By clicking on which of these steps will you draw on the page, then the object will be ready in that form.


On the left side of this bar is the Start button. By which we can open MS PowerPoint 2003 Feature program. Minimize the open program and keep it in the taskbar as an icon. And you can open it by clicking on that icon again. In the same bar on the right side, there is a clock on which you can change the time and date by double-clicking on it.

Note- To link more than one text box and move the box in a different direction. The following uses the Toolbox tool. If this tool is not shown when you create a text box, then you can turn on the tool by clicking on the text box under the Toolbar option in the View menu MS PowerPoint 2003.

Menu bar

In MS PowerPoint 2003, this bar contains various menus. There are many options under all menus. Which can be run by clicking with the mouse.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 stands out among the programs in the MS Office suite as a versatile tool for creating engaging presentations. Its unique ability to blend pictures, text, and voice seamlessly makes it indispensable for various purposes. Whether conveying business strategies, educational concepts, or showcasing an institute’s progress, PowerPoint 2003 captivates audiences by delivering information with visual and auditory impact.


Q: How do I open MS PowerPoint 2003?

Click on the Start button, go to Programs, and select Microsoft PowerPoint.

Q: What options are available when creating a new presentation?

You can create a blank presentation, use a design template, or utilize the Auto Content Wizard for a tailored design.

Q: How can I format text and objects in MS PowerPoint 2003?

Utilize the formatting toolbar to change font styles, sizes, paragraph settings, and colors for text and objects.

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