Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007: Mastering PowerPoint Features and Tips

Explore the Slide Show tab in MS PowerPoint 2007, featuring options like Start Slide Show, Custom Slide Show, Setup, and more. Enhance your presentation experience with tools for rehearsing, recording narration, and setting up slide shows seamlessly.

Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007

Start Slide Show

In the Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007, the “Start Slide Show” feature initiates the presentation, displaying slides in full-screen mode. By clicking this option, presenters can engage their audience and deliver their content seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and professional presentation experience.

  • From Beginning: In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007‘s Slide Show tab, the “From Beginning” option launches the presentation from the starting slide. This feature ensures that presenters begin their slideshow from the very beginning, allowing for a structured and cohesive delivery of content to the audience.
  • From Current Slide: Use it to view the current slide.
  • Custom Slide Show: Through this option, you can submit a place by any name to show a particular slide from your presentation in the Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007. On clicking this, the following dialog box will open. In it, following clicking on the “New” button, the following dialog box will open. In this, write the new name in the slide show box. After this, select a particular slide from the list box of slides in the presentation. Click on the add button. The added slide will appear in the second box. Now if you want to delete any of these slides. Then select it. Click the remove button. Then click on the ok button. The given name will appear in the Custom Show dialog box. Now click on the show button to watch it. Edit can make any kind of changes in the custom show through this button. Remove can delete the custom show created by this button. You can copy the custom show created by this button.

Setup: Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007

In Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007 enables users to rehearse, record, and present their presentations seamlessly. It provides access to tools like rehearsal timings, Record Narration, and Set Up Slide Shows, enhancing the overall presentation experience with features for smoother delivery and customization.

  • Setup Slide Show: On clicking this option, the following dialog box will open. Selecting the radio button which can show the slides in the same manner.  
  • Hide Slide: This option can hide the slide. Can show more.
  • Record Narration: Through this option, you know the details of recording slides.
  • Rehearse Timings: On clicking this option, the slide will appear on the entire screen. The following dialog box will appear. In this, we fix the time when the slide is visible. After how long the second slide is visible.
  • Use Rehearsed Timings: You can use the time you have created using rehearsal timing to automatically switch between slides.


Monitors in Slide Show Tab in MS Powerpoint 2007

  • Resolution: You can set the resolution of the screen for a full-screen slide show in the Slide Show Tab in MS PowerPoint 2007.
  • Show Presentation On: With this option you can turn on the presentation.
  • Use Presenter View: With this option, you can share the presentation from one computer screen to another in the Slide Show Tab in MS PowerPoint 2007.


Master the Slide Show tab in MS PowerPoint 2007 for a polished presentation delivery. Utilize features like Start Slide Show and Custom Slide Show to engage your audience effectively. With tools for rehearsal timings and recording narration, elevate your presentation experience for a professional outcome.


How do I start a slide show from a specific slide in PowerPoint 2007?

To start from a particular slide, select “From Current Slide” under the Slide Show tab.

What is the benefit of using rehearsal timings in PowerPoint 2007?

Rehearse Timings allows you to set the duration for each slide, ensuring a smooth transition during your presentation.

How do I record narration for my PowerPoint presentation?

Navigate to the Slide Show tab and click on “Record Narration” to add audio commentary to your slides.

Can I customize slide sequences in PowerPoint 2007?

Yes, use the “Custom Slide Show” feature to create and present slides in a customized order tailored to your audience.

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